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Great example of how research leads to strategy leads to “manifesto”/essence work that results in a successful campaign. This played out mostly in three years’ of collateral, social media and agent communications, but my favorite part came when the client was reviewing the brand book and sent the email below.

Brochure and collateral examples:

2014 Brochure cover.png
2015 Brochure cover.png
Sample Spread (actually used).png
Sample Spread (manifesto).png
Sample Spread (She Waited).png
Sample Spread (Not Just a Kitchen).png

Client note:

“Tonight I am sitting at the island in my kitchen, sipping a glass of wine and thinking about this crazy-good brand work coming to fruition. I’m also knee-deep in reviewing the brand book. This is extraordinary writing! The words are painting incredible pictures and creating emotional connections. The actual imagery is a bonus. It’s the words that have captivated me...”

– Karen Brawn, Director of Marketing, KraftMaid, in an email sent to me one Friday night with the subject line “Crazy Good”

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